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Whether you are launching a new website for your company or you want to promote your products/ services, MEPCO squad has the ANIMATION expertise to enhance the number of audience visiting your site and thus ensuring your success in the industry.

Our company's focus is on defining, supporting and optimizing client's business strategies with IT initiatives. Client satisfaction and their well-being is our topmost priority. We design and create animated videos for websites, applications, presentations and demos to meet the exact specifications demanded by the customers. Animation video services provided by us are up-to- date and delivered through the hands of qualified professionals. We with our clients work hand in hand to develop solutions to increase their efficiency and competitive advantage. We also give utmost importance to our client's confidentiality and privacy.

At MEPCO squad, we have team of creative, innovative and efficient professionals who take animation to newer heights with their experience and constant drive for creative excellence. We intend to animate with a touch of reality as our work guarantees naturalistic use of backgrounds, appropriate character designs and proper attention to secondary animation resulting in an animation which would give you a realistic experience!!

Animation service combines both auditory and visual stimuli to cater to multiple learning styles and generate stronger emotion than static imagery alone. It helps in giving life to any blank space.

We offer video services to match client's existing brand image and help them to define a new brand look for their business. We are technically skilled in animation designs and can develop the same for any type of profile and target audience. Our animation video services allow clients to present a single idea, process or key message in an mesmerizing way.

Services Include - Basic explainer video with preset characters

Script Writing -

Voice Over Making and Syncing -

Voice Over Syncing -

Royalty Free Music -

Personal Images or Logo -

Creatin of Video -

Here is How We do it

We analyze your requirement, sit with our team and we brainstorm few IDEAS

We make a Storyboard on the IDEA we pick and we write a matching Script

We get a suited VO (Voice Over) done

Select Relevant characters

By now we have all the veggies ready It's TIME to COOK !

We make an awesome Animation and show it to you

You approve the Video, Everyone's happy!!

Custom Characters are quoted at £15 per second

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